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  1. Review the information in this Web site and contact us with any questions you may have.
  2. Complete and submit the application. All live in adults and frequent guests to the property, excluding dependent children, 18 and over, must be included in the application.
  3. Review our response.
  4. Provide any additional information we may request.
  5. Visit the property. Pre-qualified applicants will be invited to visit the property. 
  6. Pay the screening fee. Pre-qualified applicants who want to move forward with contracting may pay the screening fee during their visit, by check, money order, or by credit card via a secured link to our Web site that we will provide. 
  7. We will order the screening information and provide you the outcome and next steps during your visit or by email.

      Other Information:

  1. See our About page for other details.
  2. Birth certificates and social security cards for every intended occupant are required at contracting.
  3. Contracting is not available to households comprised solely of full-time students.
  4. We remove apartments from open market listings only after a deposit is paid and contracts are signed. Deposits are non-refundable after 72 hours.
  5. Proof of income is required for employment and payments for Social Security, SSI, public aid, veterans benefits, pensions, annuities, insurance policies or settlement, alimony, child support, unemployment compensation or severance pay, retirement fund, trust funds, disability or death benefits, armed forces pay, regular gifts, or other periodic payments.
  6. For self-employed individuals, two years of signed Federal Income Tax Returns and/or recent payment stubs are required.
  7. Collections with any of the following may disqualify you from consideration if you are unable to show proof of your actions to resolve any such delinquencies: electric service, gas service, water/sewer, apartment communities, and property management companies.

Community Plus Management & Co., LLC 



The application process steps below may be completed in an hour or two. However, time frames may vary by need and unforeseen delays.